Gastronomic Restaurant

At dusk The gourmet restaurant opens its doors to take you on a journey. A new taste and sensory journey will transport you. Every night at Lagnonu's gourmet restaurant a new world opens up for you... Here Time Stands Still As soon as you arrive in this magical place you will quickly be overwhelmed by a wave of emotion An enchanting path leads you to a terrace with your feet in the sand... nature takes care of the rest.

Enjoy the blazing sunset over the Gulf of Ajaccio and the bloodthirsty islands.

The restaurant is a real showcase for local production as our chef Alexander Mazzoni comes to sublimate with passion subtlety and refinement. An amazing cocktail. In fact the culinary world of our chefs based on the best local products will awaken all your senses. You will be offered the precious fishing of the boat landed on the beach of the Domain the flavours of the Corsican mountain accompanied by the wine of the best vineyards of the island and to finish the refined sweets to enjoy at the water's edge under the vault of the stars.

Hospitality and sharing are part of Corsica's sacred values as an Ode of this land rich in culinary tradition.