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Lagnonu has been a family estate for five generations. These sea-facing villas, built several decades ago and renovated with noble materials, are continually improved, to the delight of guests. Each villa features a garden with swimming pool and jacuzzi. Their stone walls and decor, designed with natural materials, allow them to blend in with the surrounding nature. These spacious residences can accommodate eight people, while guests can make use of their fully equipped kitchens to cook up the most delicious meals. Or, if you prefer, you can head to the gourmet restaurant for a unique experience. Here, guests take their seat around intimate tables with their feet in the sand, where they will be warmly welcomed by a dedicated team offering enjoy personalised service. 

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Here, time stands still. A new world opens itself up to you. But to experience this incredible adventure in Corsica, a little preparation will be required ... For as soon as you arrive in this magical place, you'll quickly be overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, where sweetness, harmony and refinement follow one after the other as you adventure through this exceptional site. A true adventure that Lagnonu strives to bring to life within its estate, where you'll find a space dedicated to ceremonies, the cocktail corner, the dance floor overlooking the sea and the Îles Sanguinaires in the Gulf of Ajaccio, the esplanade restaurant, the beach area that welcomes you for a buffet of breath-taking desserts and, finally, for those lucky few, the charming villas, all equipped with swimming pool and private jacuzzi. All in the heart of an ubiquitous and generous nature. 

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