"The City of Napoleon"

Nestled in the mountainous setting that surrounds it Ajaccio welcomes charmed visitors under a blazing sun. From the top of the ramparts of its citadel she knew how to keep intact the purity of her shore which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Through the alleys of its old town you will discover its Napoleonic journey its prestigious museums and its daily market with multiple flavours. Experience a unique experience in a dream setting for a Corsican show worthy of the name.

"Imperial Destination"

On the mysterious path of its Sanguinaire Islands you'll encounter voluptuous beaches and unspoiled coves before letting yourself be captivated by the admirable purple color that gently lands on this small archipelago at the end of each day. You can admire this daily spectacle from the south shore of Ajaccio Bay where our Lagnonu estate is located. Just a 30minute drive from the estate or by sea you will be charmed by all the faces of the city: city dweller history cultural .commercial and coquettish. Its surroundings make the Ajaccio region an incredible playground for the body and mind! Endowed with a richness and a variety of intoxicating landscapes it will satisfy all your desires. The "Ajaccian" way of life will confirm your impression that the sun has radiated beyond nature to the heart of its inhabitants and will make your stay in the heart of Corsica unforgettable.

"Cultural heritage"

A whole programme of guided tours has been developed to discover Ajaccio and its hinterland. Depending on your desires and accompanied by guided speakers you will discover the history of Ajaccio its museums the art of living but also the authentic villages of the hinterland. Discoverable tours in beautiful encounters that are all ideas stays to live good times in the Land of Ajaccio. Our concierge team will be able to pass on the program to you on request. In the heart of Napoleon's cradle the city also offers you to learn more about its emblematic history thanks to its prestigious buildings such as the Fesch Palace and the Bonaparte House. The historic centre of the city and the Tino Rossi harbour will also be part of this cultural experience. Numerous shops. craftsmen beaches the market square and the new covered halls will delight your taste buds and pupils! On foot all means are good to walk through the city. The city of Ajaccio also offers "small train" tourist walks in two tours. Sea excursions local craft creations nature activity park wellness underwater activities or Turtle Park A Cupulatta there's something for everyone for both kids and grown-ups.

"Flavours side"

Cheese and delicatessen jam honey not to mention traditional dishes and wineology the Ajaccio region is full of delicious specialties with many flavours. The restaurant in Lagnonu offers a unique taste experience by sublimating all Corsican products of excellence.